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atc will come back strongly

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    It was very dissapointing to see the pullback on Tuesaday till Friday, BUT that is history it will only move forward from here.
    ATC is a tightly held stock which has positives and negatives. When a run starts it will run harder than most simply because few want to sell or will for a good reason mainly higher share price but equally if someone wants to sell and has a reasonable holding it can drive the share price also.
    ATC will re-rate itself very shortly and the picture will become very clear. Last week was only a clearing of dead wood. NON ATC investors raped this company. There was no reason for the sell off. The company has a MAGNIFICENT TEAM and incredible future. Those that jump now will BE SORRY. The framework is getting more and more rigid all the time.
    The announcements tell us they are signing excellent telco's who must be cknowlegding the companies strengths.
    MY PREDICTION and it solely drived from studing the announcements and monorting the broker trades. We are in for a recovery fairly quickly as people become more confident and I would assume the company would want to firm up confidence fairly quickly so as to eliminate any fear investors may have as the history of this company has been to run and retreat. Those days are over as the board has such distinguished people as JOHN MITTENS and MARK STEWART with them they brought a very skilled team that knows their nicshe buisness well. NOBODY JOINS a small comapny like ATC
    unless you can see it's REAL POTENTIAL so the likes of JOHN MITTENS who I believe is very very very wealthy in his own right is doing for the challenge and would not even think of tarnishing his name so to me that is the biggest plus and having worked with Mark Stewart before only makes the process happen quicker.

    So in summary this stock can only go forward the frail who bailed out last week will be left behind and NEW INVESTORS who have studied WHAT ATC DO will be handsomely rewarded. The writing is already on the wall for a strong rally and they have also had excellent news reports by the media.
    Get aboard know or you will festor over another lost chance. GREAT company run by a GREAT TEAM

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