at war with islam

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    At War With Islam
    Written by J. Thomas Lowry
    Friday, September 24, 2004

    The war waged against terrorists is more than pundits would have you believe. It is, to borrow from Wells, the ''War of the Worlds.'' The civilized people of the world, or at least those not cowering, are attempting to dismantle a religious fanaticism. We must seek to remove its ability to engage the sovereign nations of the world.

    Islam is nothing less than a violent religion that seeks converts at the tip of a sword. Appeasement, the apparent plan of John Kerry, renders the United States impotent in the face of a cultural onslaught. Between unchecked immigration from the south and Islamic barbarism coming to our shores, the United States is engaged in a world war.

    Partial war does not work. Political skullduggery helps the invaders. Yet, to hear some talk, everything is fine, if only we pull back and allow the enemy time to regroup. The veterans of Vietnam are let down by a government not committed to total war in the sixties and early seventies, thus leaving over 58,000 American’s dead and countless wounded. We let the veterans down, not the other way around.

    Our troops in Iraq are being let down by the assault on their service by the left. In addition, each of those brave men and women are the victims of a loss of the total war concept. Partial war means partial victory. In staring down radical Islam, it is vital to bring a swift and violent response to each move by the enemy. Overwhelming firepower, coupled with a strong stomach at home, is the way to keep the barbarians on the other side of the gate.

    Islam has no room for a first amendment for it operates solely based on the will of Allah. If violent acts are necessary, Islam provides for just that--violence. This is not Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, or even atheism. Instead, radical Islam means to spread a barbaric code throughout the world. The way to counter that is through a direct response equally violent. Barbarians are not converted by appeasement, but rather by force. Note here that by conversion I am not talking about religious conversion. Instead, I speak of a conversion from barbarism to civilized man.

    Wahhabism is the extremist allowance preferred by our ''ally'' Saudi Arabia. Wahhabism is the bedrock of fundamentalist Islamic terror. Until the United States confronts all enemies, whether overtly, or covertly, both abroad and here at home, we will continue to live with the threat of Islamic barbarism.

    About the Writer: J. Thomas Lowry is a full-time writer residing near Charleston, South Carolina.
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