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at this point in time, here is you may want to consider

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    best regards to holders and for those who have put MMJ on your watch list.

    the SP went up substantially yesterday at 31c. Right now it down a little bit. Here are some points (my humble opinion) that i'd like to share with you, esp for those new to MMJ.

    1. no stocks on this planet can keep going up and up like a rocket without a turbulence during this journey. there have to be windows for people to exit and take profit (eg. buying a Lexus or a diamond ring for proposal...). there have to be opportunities when buyers consider cheaper so they can buy in. there have to be moments when SP is down to boost more trade volume. it's not a bad thing and IMO nothing to be scared. be a bit more optimistic and don't suspect your original judgement.
    (FYI: i bought BDR at mid-20c. when it went up to 35c people dumped and SP went down to squre one. now at 47c; last year I bought A2m at 75c and people started taking profit, and you may want to check the current price. )

    2. believe the fundamental. I don't want to repeat the great outlook which pretty much you have known this better than me. From micro-perspective, this company have catalysts on its way (positive update on Lucky Lake, cultivation progress on Duncan, Phase II for its medicinal capsules, sale transaction for its existing CBD capsules, legalisation of marihuana in Aus and recreational marihuana in Canada...) any of these can give boost to its SP. the cap is still very low considering its bright outlook.

    3. about CR. ohh well it's an old topic. let's say there will be one in future. IMO people should consider the purpose of such CP. if MMJ can deliver and CP is used for right purpose, i don't think it's considered a nagative factor. Plus, since MMJ has attract high transaction volume and larger shareholder base, it will consider give existing shareholder an advantage to subscribe more shares at cheaper price. sounds not bad at all.

    4. as i said in other threads. patience, persistence and an eye on the long game. it's worth it. don't be smart to trade on momentum, you can't beat the robots and quants. play a long game and be strategic, grow with MMJ and hold your faith.

    just my little thoughs. Thanks guys. GLTA
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