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    I was at theAgm in November last year and after the ambulance guys took away John Palamo senior the meeting got off to a start (mind you it was great to see the remarkable recovery of John senior at the obj agm two days later).

    While I was there I asked what the future holds with Pno and Chris Quirk said that in a few month or so there could be some good news forth coming and he was quite convincing ...I further spoke to John Palamo junior and asked if his father would continue to put money into Pno to keep it alive and he said yes very determinedly.

    So on that basis I trust that all is well for PNO and it's future but only because I do happen to trust them and I guess that is only my position and opinion.

    But one other aspect gets my attention, it would appear that the same scientist as well as the same inventor are behind tripeptofen, as well as OBJ's proprietry formulation being used in OBJ's Bodyguards process, and there has been very few new successful pain products that have entered the market over the last 100 years so the odds of obj comming up with another successful pain product would be almost an impossibility and correct me if I am wrong, seems to be the same analgesic property of tripeptofen and I have a hunch that pno may end up liscencing the ingredient to obj and if P&g end up being the global distributor, then that might be just what PNO needs.

    Now of course this is all speculative and my opinion only but I just felt I should bring this up and please by all means come forward and pick this to pieces. If you can see there are holes in my speculation ...your welcome so long as you can put aside your negatives towards management and put across your well researched contribution.

    Hope this gets this thread moving along

    Cheers all in my opinion only.
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