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    Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for your 'leadership' throughout this pandemic. I realise it must be tough fronting the media ever day and trying to project authority as though you have control. I understand why it's hard not to sound like a hypocritical broken record that just continues to drone on without the end in sight.

    However, can I ask a few questions? Can you help me and the Victorian public understand why you didn't implement stage 3 lock-downs before the recent school holidays? What was your reason for allowing Melbournians to create grid lock in Cowes, in Torquay, in Portarlington, in towns along the Murray River, Lakes Entrance, etc?

    Also, can you please explain why Melbournians are still residing in caravan parks along the Great Ocean Rd and Philip Island and other rural holiday destinations across the state of Victoria?

    Can you please explain why you ignored rural people when they voiced their concerns about the influx of Melbournians and the potential for Cov19 infections in rural areas at the start and during the recent school holidays?

    Can you please explain what your policy is regarding Melbournians currently changing their place of residence status in order to re-enrol their children in local rural schools?

    Can you please explain how your government plans to handle Melbournians who are currently relocating to their shacks and holiday homes in holiday destinations in Victoria?

    Thank you for your 'leadership' throughout this difficult time. I'm sure as a man of integrity you will have the honour of falling on your sword when the appropriate time comes.

    I look forward to you calling for another inquiry into this matter so that you can continue to avoid questions about your handling of the last school holiday period and the ongoing change of residency situation across Victoria.

    Yours sincerely,
    Concerned Plebeian.
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