asylum seekers...where's your outrage now????

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    For all you hemorrhaging bleeding hearts that just luv to belittle Jonh Howard and Oz's approach to this vexing problem....

    .....I wanna hear you now, in tune, with voices lifted, and in full cry - NONSTOP - until you get a change.....

    ......go absolutely bug-f#ck beserk over Italy!!!!

    And ya still rekon we handle it badly........??????

    Shoot-to-kill order for illegals
    Official outlines radical approach to Italy's asylum problem

    Posted: July 25, 2003
    5:00 p.m. Eastern

    An Italian official has declared war on illegal immigrants, recommending shoot-to-kill orders for navy and coast guard vessels who come upon boats carrying asylum seekers.

    Reforms Minister Umberto Bossi said he was sick of illegal immigrants and wanted to hear "the blast of cannons," reports the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

    "After the second or third warning, bang ... we fire the cannon," Sky News quotes Bossi as telling the newspaper. "Otherwise, we're never going to put an end to this problem."

    The senior minister in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's coalition government proposed the radical new approach to tackle an exodus of illegals from north and central Africa. More than 1,000 immigrants have landed in southern Italy in recent days, bringing the total to nearly 3,000 so far this month.

    Currently, the navy follows international practice by boarding boats at sea and escorting them back to port.

    To underscore his determination to combat illegals, Bossi, who heads the right-wing Northern League party, threatened to pull his support for the coalition, if it failed to crack down.

    Bossi was additionally unapologetic over criticism that the immigrants are often unarmed women and children.

    "Whether they're good or bad, one way or the other illegal immigrants have got to be chased away," he said. "The navy and coastguard should defend our shores and use their cannons to do it.
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