ASX300 Specific Recommendations - Spread for longterm super growth

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    Hi all,

    Many of you may cringe at a post like this, but I seem bamboozled at sheer $$$ involved when you get to companies $1B+ MC. Looking for a few pointers or suggestions to narrow research as I've recently being able to shift my super to invest specifically into the ASX300 through Australian Super - albeit 6 months too late!!!!

    I'm actually a little surprised there isn't a forum group that covers or filters just ASX200 or ASX300 only?

    I have the medical industry covered off (PAR, MSB), also the big miners are probably all well known and retail giants are common to recognize also (not to mention I'm currently avoiding with COVID). TV, Radio & Entertainment networks are similarly straight forward - also something not doing particularly well at the moment.

    I've been through all the companies new to the ASX300 in the past quarter but once they seem to hit the 300 club, many drop value or I find hard to define potential past the $1B MC. I just cant seem to zero in on other companies that would be on the rise, but still plenty of potential to grow.

    Dividend distribution at this stage is not a major target, but obviously for any company within the next few years.

    Any suggestions? Here's often more reliable than any Motley, Morgan, Morningstar & defintely more constructive than the dredded Farcebook groups....

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