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    Reply from the ASX in regards to my inquiry...

    "Thank you for your emails.
    You have watched the stock closely and you have identified a pattern - this pattern is a computer program that appears to have been instructed to sell a quantity of stock all day yesterday at regular intervals. It has a certain volume to sell and it determines the best way to sell it.
    It tries to sell at the best prices during the day but if at the end of the day it has fallen behind, then it must catch up by selling more volume more aggressively towards the close. The program assumes there will be more volume in the closing half hour of trading because that is normally the case for all the blue chips - CBA, BHP has much more volume during the close than during the day - but this is not true for a small stock like ADY hence the program selling runs into a liquidity hole and cause a price decline. If he has another quantity to sell today, then the same thing might happen again. But if another program has a large volume to buy today , then the opposite may happen and the stock will finish upwards. This is all very normal. Look closing at trading in NWS or RIO or BHP - you are seeing computers trading against computers - 'algorithmic trading') as it is called is increasing all over the world.

    The same pattern occurred earlier recently. I have checkled who was selling and it looks genuine also.

    There are 900 million shares in ADY and thus larger sell orders will not be unusual for this stock. "

    Hopefully this should provide some insight. ALthough I think the person driving the computer could potentially be the manipulator.

    xxxxxx can't wait for the demerger and once shares consolidated this will run on its own great merits. not long now and all will be gr8 xxxxxxxxxxxx
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