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    Looks like we wont be winning over ASX whilst Lewis is around, quote from AFR regarding HAO being removed from the official list,

    "That, of course, is our ultimate sanction for wrongdoing, to remove you from the official list and to remove your access to the public market. There's been a number of companies that have incurred that particular penalty, starting with Haoma at the beginning of the year for some pretty egregious breaches of the code, among other things."

    I would like to know exactly what "among other things" equates to as well as some reasoning as to why other ASX listed companies who have released announcements very similar to HAO have not suffered a similar fate.

    IMO, KL has penalized HAO share holders purely out of spite and possibly a personal attack on GM.

    I hope the crusher is running full tilt and produces GOLD GOLD GOLD. 

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