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Yes lets talk about the two small stocks i have bought lately....

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    Yes lets talk about the two small stocks i have bought lately. Bpp like you point out is going like a camel, why because its in the growth phase and needs plenty of capital because its a rental company, without equipment you cant make a sale. So a capraise is a strong possibility, but it will be for money well spent.
    The other i have is cnw, which has performed better than i expected, finally making consistant profit and revenue growth.

    So how does this relate to ajx, it shows you cashflow and breakeven are very important. Cnw is cashflow positive, 250% up in a year, bpp is cashflow negative and down 20 per cent. But bpp isnt far away from cashflow positive so downside should be low. Ajx is so far from cashfliw positive its not funny, and its in debt by 5m and growing
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