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    To be held Singapore (25th Oct) and Hong Kong (27th Oct)
    I found it interesting how diclofenac seems to be back on the agenda now and also the comment on Novartis Insulin is proceeding to plan.

    Phosphagenics is an advanced biotechnology company with a novel platform delivery technology currently developing products for use in human medicine, animal health, dermatology and cosmetic products. The company is developing a first in-class transdermal pain patch delivering sustained release Oxycodone into the bloodstream via TPM® delivery technology, with controlled dosing and significantly reduced risk profile for opioid abuse compared with current opioid market offerings. The global pain market was valued at $22bn in 2010, with a CAGR of nearly 9% since 2005; Phosphagenics is poised to capture a share of the lucrative narcotic analgesic market with the development of the TPM/oxycodone pain patch. Development of targeted topical localised NSAID Diclofenac gel used for the treatment of sprains and strains. Phosphagenics has been able to demonstrate superior results, with significantly greater Diclofenac found in the deepest layers of the skin, compared with the market leading product.Demonstrated world-first transdermally delivered sustained release Insulin over an 8-12 hour period. The company markets a robust range of cosmetic products in Australia and Asia with further expansion planned. These products generate immediate cash flow to help fund high-value pharmaceutical pipeline developments. Active collaboration with two dermatology companies, one global and one US-based private company, to develop two products indicated for acne and psoriasis, respectively. TPM® is a unique and adaptable technology that can be utilised in countless applications. The technology has also been scientifically validated, is protected by a significant patent portfolio and is already commercialised in a number of cosmetic products globally. Using proven pharmaceutical compounds with well-established safety and toxicity data further de-risks the company. The company is mature, by industry standards, focused on achieving long-term commercialisation strategies and objectives. Phosphagenics is poised for sustainable growth and expansion, offering numerous value creation opportunities to potential investors.

    Phosphagenics is a Melbourne-based globally driven biotechnology company focused on the discovery of new and cost effective ways to enhance the delivery of proven pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products. Focused on achieving long-term pharmaceutical commercialisation goals and generating positive cash flows from the sale of cosmetic and personal care products in multiple countries. Phosphagenics is developing a range of Pharmaceutical (Human and Animal Health), Dermatological, Cosmetic and Personal Care products. Phosphagenics main pipeline focus is the development of our world-first TPM/oxycodone pain patch for treating chronic pain. The pain patch is the first of its kind that offers gradual and steady-state systemic dosing of Oxycodone with a rapid washout profile.
    3M: Using the unique TPM® delivery technology and in conjunction with 3M’s patch production expertise, the patch has been recently improved by 5-fold over the original design. This advances the commercialisation pathway for the TPM/oxycodone patch, as it allows for a smaller patch, while still maintaining the same delivery characteristics. 3M are now preparing a scale-up batch of the TPM/oxycodone patch, with pivotal trials on track to commence for Q4 2011.
    Personal Care: Launch of the novel anti-cellulite technology, Elixia® BodyShaper Cellulite Contour CrèmeTM, utilising the company’s proprietary platform TPM® technology, delivering fat-reducing compounds into the skin. Trials have shown a reduction in the appearance of cellulite of up to 40 per cent after 4 weeks. Agreement signed with A.S. Watsons for the sale and distribution of Elixia® personal care products throughout South East Asia beginning Q4 2011 Metier Tribeca LLC in New York to expand the sales and marketing of the cosmetics range of products using Phosphagenics TPM® technology. Over 20,000 units were sold within the first 12 months since launch, with only two initial products in the US market. An additional eight products were added to the existing range in April 2011, an indication of the sales success of the initial range.
    Phosphagenics has a significant patent portfolio protecting the platform technology used for delivery of the actives, whether pharmaceutical, cosmetic or nutraceutical. The patents and patent applications include methods of manufacture, broad and more specific formulations, and methods of use. Patent applications are filed in key pharmaceutical and cosmetic product markets throughout the world, including the USA, Europe, and a number of South East Asian countries.
    Company Description:
    Recent Developments:
    Intellectual Property/Products/Product Development Programs:
    Significant Contractual Arrangements:
    Phosphagenics has partnered with numerous prominent global companies across multiple projects and research areas. The nature of each contractual agreement is mutually beneficial and are as follows:
    ? Phosphagenics’ partnership with 3M allowed for the optimisation and implementation of large scale GMP development of the TPM/oxycodone matrix patch system.
    ? Phosphagenics continues to collaborate closely with Novartis Animal Health to develop TPM/insulin for domestic pets. The program is ongoing and is proceeding to plan.
    ? Phosphagenics is actively collaborating with two private dermatology companies, one global and one US-based private company, performing research and development on two products indicated for acne and psoriasis, respectively.
    ? Phosphagenics also has a number of agreements with major retailers, chemists, home-shopping networks and online sales around Australia for the distribution of its Elixia® personal care range: Myer, Priceline, Elixia® direct online, TVSN, Terry White Group, Symbion Pharmacy Services, Pulse Pharmacies.
    Over the long-term, Phosphagenics aims to continue developing its innovative TPM® platform delivery technology through high value pharmaceutical projects and generate near-term and ongoing cash flows through continued partnerships; licensing agreements and partner funded product development.
    Creating significant growth and expansion of sales, marketing and distribution channels for the Elixia® personal care brand worldwide, in a bid to increase brand imaging, awareness and sales. The rationale for growing the personal care sector is to generate an immediate and ongoing positive cash flow situation, in order to aid funding of high value pharmaceutical pipeline developments. New product development is also planned for the near-term, extending and building upon the initial sales success of the brand and to diversify and extend the existing product lines.
    TPM/oxycodone pain patch is on track and commercialisation pathway has progressed significantly, with expected pivotal trial recruitment due to commence in late Q4 2011.
    The inherit benefits and knowledge gained from our collaboration with 3M carries additional unrealised value for Phosphagenics, as the advancements and improvements in transdermal delivery gained from the TPM/oxycodone project can also be applied to future pipeline projects.
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