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asx response regarding packer deal with cfr.

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    From Ozestock..

    ASX response regarding Packer deal with CFR.

    Whilst not inspiring, it shows that CFR are towing the line and working on the deal still :-)

    This is a response from the ASX about a query on CFR's deal with Kerry Packer's Consolidated Press Holdings.

    Thank you for your email expressing your concerns.

    Dear Tony,

    This is something that we have spoken to CFR about. I have been told that while negotiations are still ongoing and have taken longer than originally anticipated, they are still hopeful that an agreement will be concluded in the near future. Given that things are still being negotiated, there's probably not much more that CFR can say to update the market at the moment.
    ASX will continue to monitor the situation.


    Adrian Smythe
    Senior Companies Advisor
    Australian Stock Exchange Limited
    Exchange Centre
    Level 6
    20 Bridge Street
    Sydney NSW 2000
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