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asx response hidden meaning of some progress

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    FSE today responded to an ASX inquiry as to their SP movement. They responded with all the usual "we will announce something when its all been finalised" and till then "be a happy mushroom kept in the dark"....

    However reading between the lines, what does every make of their answer to question 1. In particular, the words

    "some progress was made"
    understatement of the year?

    "preliminary discussions with vendors of a potential project"
    are these vendors still constantia because the words preliminary are quite suprising since they announced the commence of these negotians just over a year ago; or is this a new project they have up their sleeve, either way, its exciting to see movement

    "desktop due dilegence and negotiation of a term sheet before any specific announcement can be made"

    very interesting. This could be FSE being very coy about their original witbank project or the beginning of revealing a wonderful new project.

    IMO the coal is in the ground, no ones arguing about that; it could be 100 million tonnes and it could be much more than that; what we are waiting for now is the deal to be signed, to me it sounds like very soon!
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