Okay here's an experiment. Detrended Price Oscillator from a 20...

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    Okay here's an experiment. 

    Detrended Price Oscillator from a 20 day SMA. The histogram is the difference b/w the 20 and 50 day SMA, partly to show the zero line, and partly to offer a contrasting but slower indicator. Positive is bullish.
    MACD 20/50/10 with SMAs:


    Spreadsheets can actually do stuff. I put a MACD on my own index! Getting the zero line on the grid took a bit of fiddling though.

    More substantively though, the DPO looks promising, but I'd want to see the MACD above zero to confirm that it's not just a bear rally.

    I should probably swap the MACD signal line colours.

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