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    A new study has been completed to review the effect of SBP002 on an
    expanded range of human mesothelioma cell lines. This study was
    carried out at the University of Western Australia, Department of
    Medicine. The new study was undertaken in three parts:

    1) to determine the effect of SBP002 on 5 human mesothelioma cell

    2) to compare SBP002 against current drugs in the treatment of

    3) the third section of the study is subject to a new patent
    application and will be reported to the market at a later date.

    Previously Solbec Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Solbec) lead cancer compound
    SBP002 (BEC-2S) had been shown to be effective against mesothelioma
    (an incurable form of Asbestos related cancer) cells in-vitro and in
    a mouse model. These studies were carried out using only two types of
    mesothelioma cells.

    The results of the new study confirm that SBP002 has a high level of
    activity against all 5 human mesothelioma cell lines tested. The
    study also showed that SBP002 was more effective in killing the
    mesothelioma cells than the other compounds tested (Gemcitabine and
    Docetaxel which are therapeutic compounds used clinically to try and
    treat mesothelioma).

    The conclusions from the researchers are very encouraging. The
    researchers reported that the data "suggests that SBP002 is a more
    potent drug that those previously investigated by our (UWA) research
    group" and "SBP002 may offer some advantages over current first line
    treatment options".

    Last week Perth hosted the biannual conference of The International
    Mesothelioma Interest Group. One of the overriding conclusions from
    this conference was that the current treatments for Mesothelioma need
    to be substantially improved.

    It is the goal of Solbec to continue with its focus on the clinical
    trial program.

    S Carter
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