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    Who cares about the roadshow?! I don't care if it happens or not, really. I have been analysing "road show" results for a number of years now,recording dates, prices prior to and after road shows etc. The results are generally insignificant.

    The main focus at the moment is making sure the Company is right up to speed to handle all the expected SMX connections.

    The market, as with any company, is only interested in results. Results take time.

    I'm waiting for a milstone type of announcement to light up the market over coming months.

    They are still gearing up (staffing and technologically) for the enormous task ahead in co-ordinating thousands of corporate connections.

    Despite some posters doubts, I hear their employment positions are being filled.

    I also hear that there is a lot of positive interest in SMX.

    Why sell? This is a buy and hold. Sit back and enjoy the ride over as the asset appreciates significantly commencing soon.
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