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Assets Held for Sale?

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    Has anyone heard or know of any movement on this?

    Back in mid August 2015 it was reported at the time of NSE acquisition

    "Sundance plans to sell 25% of the assets acquired from NSE plus approximately 400 net acres (25%) of Sundance’s Charlotte Ranch lease in Atascosa County, Texas to Quintanilla Management Company (“QMC”) and expects closing of that transaction to occur within the next several weeks."

    and also in the SEA 2015 AR there was the notation of Assets Held for Sale of ~$90.6M and the accompanying note that those assets were ~24% of its EFS assets (BV of $85.398M and which also equated to ~25% of the assets pledged to BB of approx $45M that would need repayment upon sale) & 100% of CB assets (BV of $5.234M).

    The intent was to close on said sale within 12 months.
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