BMO bma gold limited

asset with no management?

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    Whilst the likes of B2 wax lyrical about the grades at Twin Peaks, why do the incumbent managemet of BMO have to dredge the the bottom of the industry execs looking for a CEO?
    The board is a Glencore alternate team in waiting, with Jim Walls dancing from Savage River and its disatrous exposure to Clark Whatsit in the US, through Mt Lyell, past Cobar, (lets ignore how minorities were totally ripped off at PMA shall we B2?), and Mike O'Keefe-formally of MIM , now Xstrata-conflict?
    The engineering crew are from CBH/Elura-nothing wrong so far-precious metals experience ?
    How about a balanced view on HC? Rarely comes from your mouth B2?-simple one liners about pen and ink, or name dropping without follow through! How about some real analysis?
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