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    Regardless of what people may or may not have read into the ABC show, there wasn't any need for SLT to issue a statement today.

    So why would the company suddenly feel the need to issue such a clarification? keep a cap on the price!

    It was running far too hot today and heading for trouble!

    It seems they initially tried to slow it with a couple of "sequential" at 11:48 and another at 12:26, but out came plan 'B' (announcement)...followed by several more dumps towards the close.

    I notice however, that they were keen to keep the close above it would appear that, although they are trying to slow the rise, they are obviously being carefull not to kill it all together. The last thing they would want is to generate a sell-off!

    In my opinion they are simply trying to maintain a slow and steady rise in's if you can call 30c-82c rise in 10 weeks "slow and steady".

    I suggest people take advantage of the selling to get some more of the director's shares...because he will be more than happy to buy them back off you at higher prices next week!

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