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    Dear (I’ll never know)

    It's Friday night, I was deciding what to do. I have already caught up with a mate for a few beers, hugged the twins and put them to bed (just turned 1 :-) and thinking TV?. PSX, Stock queries? more beer, fishing. more beer……and what do you know....more beer! but I thought heck, lets mix it with what I love to the core, lets do beer and stocks and HC ….. LETS ASK LOUIE…(errr ok).

    I think I could nearly be considered an old timer. I post on stocks I buy and hence I am biased. I Don’t declare my holding (quantity – not important) and I never post n stocks I sell because there is no reason that the stock will not go up further in the future as I am not always right and can attest to this. The market is not black and white and my reason for getting out may be another’s reason for getting in.

    Anyway, I make money, I do it best as a fundamentalist but ironically, apart from money that is tied up for a few years, most my current holdings are what would be considered speculative, in fact, I would suggest I am over exposed to speculative stocks (my fundamental picks go up about 50%+ a year and sadly enough so do my specs. I put the specs down to luck (doesn’t seem right and fundamentals are stress free).. I do not count HDR, it is not a spec it was pure FREAK and as a naive newbie I didn't sell :-)

    SO...... any questions, cause you are stuck with me for another 20-30 (I’ll be retirement age then so we may as well get to know each other.

    1 I am happy to answer questions and will address them with the serious ness they are pitched.

    2-Obviously I will not answer those who are on my ignore list.

    3-this is forum is a mixed investment views and I will not enter into debate as to one school of thought being any better than another but to say they all have their place in given situations and should all be taken into consideration for investment decisions.

    4- Gobbles (and your aliases) you ARE a tosser. AND if you get referred back here so are you!

    5- I intend to keep my identity unknown for professional reasons (ooooohhhhh or yawn)

    *7* -I WILL NOT DISCUSS STOCKS I DON NOT HOLD. Do not ask me for opinions on asx listed stocks I don not hold as they obviously didn’t make MY short list. My fundamental trading methodology initiates my posts and if I haven’t already bought it then I probably haven‘t posted on it and it's likely I don't hold it so logically I will be unable to comment on it and I can assure you that I will not be researching it. Why? Because I don't hold it which means it didn’t score highly enough in my research!

    ( I started this email so I could have a chat and as I write I am realizing how much trouble (work load) I could be getting my self into and now I have to set parameters and it's sounding like I'm sucking my self off???? Maybe we should call it SUCK OFF LOUIE… LOL!)...

    - 8. I'm not really here for the newbie…..Newbies, read 10 books and I’ll see you in a year. For those who have weathered the pain.. ,,,,Can I help?.

    9- I will not and never have made or lost you or anyone else money :-) (free yourself - take responsibility)

    10. I’ll be honest (but if you ask me if I’ve sold, refer above)


    10. I am happy to discuss issues on an on going basis under the string ASK KING LOUIE. If I neglect to return your post do a search for me and post the same subject in the ASX code you found me.

    11. I do make money and have lost money on individual stocks. (you will know when I am in them but you may not know when I am out of them and I probably will not tell you….refer to above.)

    12. you choose.

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