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ASIC Positions, page-38

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    thanks MiningInvestor, I looked it up -
    "Furthermore, the (Environmental Impact Assessment STUDY), EIA, must be consolidated in the Environmental Impact Report (“RIMA”) which is to be submitted to the relevant state environmental agency for analysis and approval. The RIMA will be made public so that the collective or any other interested party has access to the project and its environmental impacts.
    The approval of the EIA/RIMA is a basic requirement for the mining company to be able to request Environmental Licensing for its mining project.
    In case the area is owned by a third party the holder of the mining right must negotiate with such party the compensation for the occupation of the property and for the damages caused to the property. The landowner, in addition, will be entitled to a participation in the economic results of the mining exploitation corresponding to 50% of the amount payable by the mining title holder on account of the Financial Compensation for the Exploitation of Mineral Resources"

    No mention of Land Remediation.
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