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ASIC Listening ?

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    Like many shareholders, the total silence from The Administrator or any of the Two (2) Receivers yesterday hit my annoyance high level so I enquired of ASIC why there had been no public statement whatsoever since first appointment November 17 2014 ?

    7.17pm last night, finally an ASX announcement.

    I also asked of ASIC to enquire of the outside professionals now at the helm (all 3), what they have deduced to date of the funding statements released.

    No reply has of yet been received from ASIC and no doubt when it arrives will be the stock standard stereotype reply.

    The message I gained from the above is big brother, although publicly silent, is watching this one and had a hand in the ASX release.

    I would encourage those that have not done so, to also review my posting January 14.

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