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    The importance of THE ASCO CONFERENCE: May 30-June 2:

    The YALE scientists Dr Mor, Dr Rutherford and others are to present a paper discussing Novogen's Phenoxodiol:

    The "easier to read" version:

    And the actual Abstract (the full paper has 10 pages):

    The occasion has been billed as the coming highlight of the Conference by Oncogene and others.

    The Conference is massive: about 22,000 attendees last year. It is the biggest medical Conference in the US with ACCR the next biggest.

    There will be a massive attendance by the MEDIA as well.

    2. SPIN-OFFS
    2.1 NRT is to greatly benefit as a result of the Presentation of the Paper by YALE. It will put NRT in a prominent position as YALE
    will be the principal driver for NRT's recognition by influential interests in the US and beyond.

    NRT's connection with other prominent US and Australian Research Institutes will be mentioned no doubt and representatives of these Institutes will be there.

    The event will be a media delight for NRT and they will grasp every opportunity to make the most of it.

    Recognition means that NRT can look forward to starting new trials (eg NV04) with the cooperation of US Investors as was done with MEI. NRT also sells OTC products in the US and mentioning of that could be made as well.

    NRT may even go further and make an Announcement re one of its products in the pipeline. Please note that at this stage I am not aware there will be one.

    The recognition factor: NRT--Phenoxodiol--Yale could be a powerful one in opening doors.

    It will be impossible to value this type of publicity to be done by major media organs against the backdrop of the ASCO Conference.

    One could throw $10 mill. or more trying to get known in the right circles and even then it would only be diffused and temporary.
    Instead, NRT will have a unique opportunity to achieve its objectives at little or no cost.

    Publicity will bring in more shareholders as well. No doubt many will think: Where else can we buy cheap shares? That may increase share prices.

    It is obvious that the Shareholders' Meetings in the US, perhaps the latest Patent (See post 7622), possibly a "Letter to Shareholders" and then culminating in the ASCO Conference, must be very attractive to shareholders.

    Investors, please do your own research before deciding to buy, hold or sell any shares.
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