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ASC - what does it take !!

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    Can't believe after all the good news in terms of record profit and revenue, the share going is in reverse gear !!

    I wonder what does it take to move the share going north. At present price of 29cents, its virtually work out to be P/E ratio of less than 5 ! with more than 17Millions worth of cash on hand and no debt !!!

    Maybe the company should consider the following :

    a) Use some of the cash to proceed with share buy back
    b) Use some of the cash to return to Shareholder as special divident
    c) Appoint a director with more credibility onboard ?
    d) More institution roadshow is required
    e) Give institution representatives an inside tour of the company's business

    f) anybody with any further suggestions ????

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Currently unlisted public company.

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