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    In response to my queries to the company in regards to the recent decline of the share price after a great results, I have been advised by the company spokesman that there are no sensitive informations which had not been advised to the market and the company is preparing a final year prelimanry result to be announced towards the end of this month.

    This will at least give shareholders a peace of mind that there will not be any unexpected bad surprises. Indeed, I believe a special divident is definitely on the table !!

    ASC is now no doubt will be on the radar screen for larger predator to snap up !! Even though ASC is virtually a monoply in Australia but as an International company, they are honestly not that big. Players like PlayBoy (US) could easily buy the whole company based on 54cents a share for a peanut to them of less than AU$200Millions !!! and still consider it as cheap with P/E ratio of less than 10. This will give Playboy a larger present in the Aussie market and plently of cash flows.

    If most Aussie Institutions are not interested in investing in Adult company ( kiding themself trying to look clean ! ), honestly I would not care. As long as the company is attractive to larger players in this space, than is definitely worth a dollar !!
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Currently unlisted public company.

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