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    i might make a point yes, i'm familiar with the law, corporations law in fact (i'm studying master's level tax and work in a prudential environment :) )...

    anyway, deltoid, you can read daily papers of the past year just to find out what the severity, the toothlessness of our tigers (regulators) when it comes to prosecution... really .. it isn't a big major white collar crime to overstatye projections... don't you know big Keve did it, lots of prospectus do it.. in fact do a study of projectiions on prospectus and actuals after they have listed and started operating.. i personally understand your point, but you fail to recognise the gravity of the situation from our point of view being a small time investor (and not necessarily menaing with small money), but lieing do happen with projections,, look at Australian Agricultural Company (AAC), they losted almost half their value.. never met projections.. really. don't kid yourself guys, 80% of projected earnings from prospectus forcast are allowed.. do regulators have time and resources to do a detailed analysis to understand and sign off and say it is reasonable.. do auditors do that for you.. that's BS

    you are foooling yourself if you think all this lawfulness is protecting you... read the papers and watch how many get away with it everyday.... only severe flagrant disregard, and openly illegal activity such as Mr. Big Shot Adler get's f****** up the arse....(which he deserves anyway)....

    that's my 2cents worth :)


    ps. ever studied the technicalness of the events leading to the 13th May announcement how it piked 2 days before leading to the major increase on the graph on the day of the announcement... someone must have known something right :) just a thought for you ....

    watch similarly if someone knows something by the volumes for this month.....
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