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    Brawling Palestinian clans in Hebron leave one dead

    One Palestinian was killed and over thirty wounded in clashes between two Palestinian clans in the market place in Hebron on Wednesday.

    The mob that involved over one thousand Palestinians destroyed cars and stores and shot rounds of live fire at each other leaving a trail of destruction until calm was eventually restored by IDF forces deployed in the area.

    The incident started over a dispute between two stall owners who belong to the Jabari and Nirouch clans and the death of a Jabari family member after he was hit on the head with a stone by a stall owner from the other clan.

    The incident caused Jabari family members to set fire to cars and stalls and shops belonging to the other clan and the fight spread to other parts of the city.

    Palestinian claims that the IDF did not intervene were refuted by the army who said security forces eventually succeeded in restoring calm despite the large numbers of Palestinians involved in the incident.

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