as long as it is for tourism!

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    Whilst I agree the charge was frivolous, how can the Judge say he is technically guilty but because it is good for tourism (horse and cart) he will let him off.
    So next time a taxi driver gets booked for speeding...."officer I was on my way to the airport know...that important job...picking up tourists. Don't let the Judge know that you have kept them waiting"

    Judge reins in police over horse-cart phone charge
    12:59, Thursday, 25 September 2003

    SYDNEY, Sept 25 (Reuters) - An Australian judge has thrown
    out a case against a man caught using a mobile phone while
    driving a horse and carriage, saying police who brought the
    charges "look a bit silly", a newspaper said on Thursday.

    Melbourne's Magistrates Court heard that a police car with
    flashing lights pulled over coachman Dean Crichton as his
    horse-drawn carriage was travelling at about four km an hour (two
    mph) down a major Melbourne street in May.

    The Herald Sun newspaper said police breath-tested Crichton
    for alcohol after he was caught with a phone in one hand and the
    reins in the other as he drove tourists in his two-horse

    It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving in most
    states in Australia.

    Crichton pleaded guilty. His lawyer James Dowsley told the
    court Crichton was on a business call and said it was difficult
    to pull over a horse-drawn carriage quickly.

    Magistrate Frank Jones said he believed Crichton was
    technically guilty of the offence but added that he thought a
    horse and carriage brought character to Melbourne's streets.

    "The sooner you get back back up on your horse and cart and
    get the tourism dollar circulating in Melbourne the better," The Herald Sun quoted Jones as saying
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