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as in life

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    all of you and i do mean all of you, need to take a chill pill.

    hc is a forum for discussion, whether that discussed bares any truth is up to the individual to decide.

    as in life people lie and deceit, as in life people befriend and claim to help for there own agendas, as in life it is your responsibility to make your own decisions, as in life people will disagree on many fronts, as in life it takes a lot to trust, as in life opinions will be divided and create angst.

    jealousy and greed is rampant in all things life, hc is no different.
    all we can do is work together for the 1 goal and that is central petroleum, we all want to see central become a successful co.therefore a high return on our investment and that my friends should be the 1 and only governing agenda.

    by working together and putting away our differences is the ONLY way we and the company will benefit.

    a common goal is needed and we all know what that is, so all this negativity on hc and angst against jh is doing not me nor you nor any new investor any good.

    And most importantly whether we want to admit it or believe it you me and everyone else invested in ctp no matter what portfolio size we have are part of the development of this company and its organic growth, everyone of your decisions has a reactive effect on the future of CTP.

    so how about we all start showing some integrity towards our investment and start leading by example for the benefit of us and future investors.
    im sure JH and ROHAN and BG understands this and wish this.

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