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article - imf, gold, etf's etc

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    this is a well rounded article on IMF's recent moves, India, and ETF's

    Article on IMF, India, gold market and ETF's
    It's title refers to India, but read the entire article to understand more of the market forces behind gold presently. It finishes with a paragraph on ETF's.

    When reading his, try to picture the IMF as an arm of the US banking system, which it presently is. Try also to look at the prospects that global personal wealth (if preserved or gorwn further) might play a more increasing role through ETF's in stabilising the underlying POG. ETF's 'might' represent a growing army of private citizens of reasonable wealth who prefer the 1/10oz entry to gold.

    I see a beauty in the gold market in that it is small (i.e. a rarer commodity), and I think it needs to be to prevent a flood of any one participant. Perhaps with the distribution of gold holdings now becoming apparent, coupled with the growing need to fund basis

    This leads itself to what 'other' precious metals might be used for such a purpose. Hmmmm, let me think for a millisecond. If these metals ever fall out of favour however, then it will really come down to the sense and sensibilities (prey they keep some) of the central banks globally in administering a new standard (or none at all) - hard to see this happening IMO.

    I think the power that was held by the US central banks in fixing metal prices is dwindling, however that doesn't prevent a flood (if one came from somewhere) of gold physical selling ... or the sudden appearance of coloured swans etc (disaster events).

    All nice things to pontificate about the future, but shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying the ride.
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