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    Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same, if you wanted to be popular just keep saying what everone wants to hear, so no surprises there.

    Good luck and always thought you were the smartest man in the room, and hope you have a change of heart.

    Me, I always the loved the line by the sex pistols when asked; 'what would you do if you finally got excepted - find a way to get band again'

    Anyway there are a few here who will never say hi, little bit of an old boy's network, but there are enough who do to make it a fun place to hang out.

    From a bloke who was expelled a few times as a kid, be it a long time ago - the fun bit was the court orderd trips to a shrink - no biggy, ok maybe a few fried ants with a magnifying glass but thats it.

    Sorry talking about me again, when ever it was that you had the change of heart there were a few days that you didn't come across so well - smoke signals - get the indians to follow their cheif blar blar blar.

    That's when you lost me, but up till then always a great read and still are, also credit for the past years of service, making it all the more sad if your not there till the end.

    Truely hope it's not the last we hear of you, all the best Monkeyboy.

    Thought it would be nice to play you out with a song, I think the fist paragragh said it best.
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