Arrests of Anti ISIS Supporters

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    Australia doesn't ot appear to be the only country with its fair share of PC plods working in some form of "intelligence "capacity.

    Politically and strategically it is no longer  desirable to have any citizen any where within or near the borders of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North West Pakistan and indeed all of North Africa because of the ISIS threat.

    Matthew Gardiner will on return home probably receive the same reception that Silhan Ozcilek received on her return to London after travelling to Syria (reportedly) with the intention of fighting ISIS.  Silhan has been arrested " on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts and membership of a proscribed organisation" presumably could only mean the PKK.  In Syria it is the YPG (not the PKK) that is leading the fight against ISIS.

    In any case the YPG (not a proscribed group) would not have accepted her has a combatant becase she was only 17 on arrival, international eyes were on her and and the YPG  have given undertakings not to recruit fighters under the age of 18.  Regardless, who was she going to commit a terrorist act against?  Al Baghdadi' lietenants?  And with what  ...... weapons conveniently dropped in by the United States Air Force?  Subject to what comes out in the wash with regards to Turkey's internal struggle with elements of the PKK.... the situation  reads to me like a complete nonsense.

    The PKK certainly needs to grow up  ....  as to all the other "allied" players in this arena.

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