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arqs logic behind aza offer

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    Just thought i'd start this as it's own thread. Follows on from the comments BH! posted about the importance of the potential merger, over all the talk about the Canning drilling.

    Here is what i said in another thread....

    Initially i was in a similar frame of mind about the implications and implied valuation of AZA.

    But after thinking about it for while, reading and speaking with 'people' who i consider 'extremely experienced' in the O&G field, i'm starting to see where the implied value is. I won't attempt to put a value on it, because Arc have done that already and i'm sure it's an extremely complex business model in which they used to come up with the AZA offer.. but here are some things to consider and would make up a basic overview of Arc's logic behind the offer.

    1. The BMG asset itself
    2. Other assets and exploration potential?
    3. Tax and PRRT benefits?
    4. Nexus shares?
    5. Operator premium?
    6. Cash

    So these are the major items, where it's easy enough to apply a value to the BMG project itself, the value of Anzons NExus holdings and their cash, but Arc have to be mindful of the other 'business' type advantages of AZA etc, to come up wiht a compelling merger proposal/valuation.

    So how about somebody try and put some values on the other items (and some won't be easy), then see how close we get to the way maybe Eric and co. are thinkging?

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