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    re: ode to arnie G'day Miles,

    I tend to agree, and for a Republican with pedigree Democratic relatives, I reckon that Arnie and his First Lady (and a Kennedy) will again be gracing the Governor's mansion.

    Now, however, for something, a little different, and my tribute to Arnie and to California:

    Ah, California - naked and sun kiss'd one day, stripped and bare rooted, the next.

    From the Sierra Madre, to Pasadena, from Hollywood & Vine, to Pacific & West, from the Redwoods to the red back casting couches made of wood, California is indeed the State and place to be.

    A slick place, of lights, dust, glamour, and damn 'er (I will not go, Rhett)!!!

    Home to Playboy, or is that Hugh at play?

    A place where dreams are made, and films adorn many a late night movie channel shuffling porn, or is that corn from the sweet playing fields of the Mid West.

    From the east Atlantic, to the west Pacific, to mountains high and deserts below, they have traversed this country long and hard to make their point. And now, with Recall in sight, it all seems to make sense.

    First, we had an assassin's assassin. A machine responsible for destroying all that belonged to the past in order to determine the future.

    In The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger showed us what it was to be a machine, bent on rendering the future free from a past that, above all else, John Connor was going to change.

    Then, in Judgement Day, and just when we thought it was "cool" to return to a theatre near you, we learnt that the machine (a "Terminator" to boot) had now become "The Protector" and was now bent on rendering the past as it was, and the future as it should be.

    With a flick of a switch from PG&E, Arnold Schwarzenegger again became a machine, but this time, built on the basis of human and titanium emotion, the experiences of life's past and future's calling, and the need to protect it, or at least to ensure that John Connor's destiny towards it was fulfilled.

    But just what was the connection that brought these 2 together - man and machine? This, alas, we may never really know.

    In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the answer was not there to be had, as machines the world over rose to cast aside their insipid, weak and Democratically inclined human companions. Not a Kennedy in sight, or should that be, a Kennedy swinging tof the Right?

    John Connor's destiny was still to be fulfilled, but the connectedness between man and machine was coming ever so close together, to form an inescapable bonding of exoskeletal, machine and humanoid features, without a flash of Gray or a drab of Davis anywhere.

    So, what was the answer, and how will it come to pass that the past is to the future, as it is to the past?

    In Terminator 4, we have the answer to these and many other questions.

    Will California be saved?

    Will Gray be "schwarzed", or Davis "quartzed"?

    And will that once proud Republican family ever again assume the mantle of political power, just as so many years ago, Joseph would have had everyone believe, even if not so in Camelot?

    In Terminator 4, Arnie again returns to his starring role, but this time it is bittersweet, and the emotions are swirling around all inside. The plumbing's been fixed and the waters haven't been broke.

    And this time, the answers that we have all waited for will finally be revealed to all and sundry.

    Now, for the first time, in Terminator 4, and the last time in the one before that, see Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise his role first made famous when he tried to kill John Connor, by befriending John Connor, before then protecting John Connor and then defeating the enemies of John Connor in the Recall that is Total'led on Highway '64.

    For now, Arnold Schwarzenegger is none other than the product of his genes, the father of John Connor, the son of his father and the father of his son.

    Together as the Trinity, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Connor are, as one in Terminator 4 : The Fornicator - coming soon to a theatre, back seat, or a ballot box near you.

    And who says that the plumbing was broke?
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