arnie and buffett

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    Clipped from RR's daily report....

    News -- Warrent Buffett, the patron god of US business, will be a senior advisor to Arnold in the Schwarzer's race for governor. What will this give Arnold? It gives him instant ecnomic credibility. Buffett can bring the whole business community in behind Arnold.

    Arnold came to the US in '68 penniless and not speaking English. Since '68, he's amassed a fortune of over $250 million and done it honestly, my kind of guy.

    Buffett started in the '50's and with the help of family money and, became the second richest man in the US. And he did it honestly, and by brilliant investing. Furthermore, he built giant Berkshire without making a single enemy -- incredible. He's my kind of guy.

    Arnold, muscles and brains. Buffett money and brains. Say "bye" to Davis, I don't think he's got a chance
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