BTV 2.33% 21.0¢ batavia mining limited

armchair experts...

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    I see the gallery has gone into full swing...

    Where were they when BTV was at 3 or 4c? seems everyone here wants to find the next PDN.

    I doubt however, that any of you would ever actually make any money from it, even if you do happen to luck out...LOL...seems everyone is too willing to bail for a few points profit.

    BTV and a few others actually have every chance of providing the sorts of returns enjoyed by long term PDN holders...thanks to a once in a liftetime shift in capital to the sector.

    Where it will all stop is anyones guess?

    One thing is obvious however...the money flow is barely a trickle at the moment, yet already people are calling an end to it?

    Wait till the flood gates have been opened...which should start to happen once some of these little minnows actually start drilling...and hiting uranium!

    A good hit from anyone will have an impact on the entire sector...and anyone even remotely involved in the stuff.

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