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    The latest research report just underlines the incredible amount of activity that is going on with AJX.

    How many other companies have this much going on at any one time with this much potential (the markets AJX are currently targeting are forecast to be worth $3.4 billion by 2019) going forward and in such big markets with such small market caps?


    *The FR chemicals market is already large and growing. Key drivers include economic recovery, fire safety regulations and environmental concerns.

    *Significant progress has been made with the DoD and penetration into the military arena is well progressed.

    *AJX's green FR chemistry is a key competitive advantage.

    *AJX's technology is suitable for a wide range of applications and industries and is environmentally friendly, cost effective, lightweight and durable and they have patent protection with over 20 patents in a growing intellectual property portfolio.

    *AJX can expect to have long-term recurring revenue with high margins.

    *RST technology can alter the performance and properties of everyday materials.

    *AJX has provided FR treatments to over 20 companies at various stages of development.

    *In addition to FR chemicals, AJX is developing other chemicals and processes including FR additives, surface treatments and heat sensitive and delicate materials.

    *AJX is already working with five customers in the Transportation market.

    *FR chemicals can be used for interior furnishings and upholstery.

    *AJX has a strategic alliance with Duro, a US-based textile finisher and licensee of Ascalon™ in North America.

    *Distribution agreements have been entered into with iTextiles and Euroflam.

    *Toll manufacturers are Marlin (for Nycolon™, Nuvalon™ and Polytron™) and Inchem (for Ascalon™).

    *AJX has formed relationships with key legislators and regulators in the US.

    *AJX is extremely well-placed to supply FR chemicals to the US FRACU program.

    *The DoD may provide an attractive long-term recurring revenue stream with upside potential.

    *President Obama's signing of the NDAA could lead to expansion of AJX's technology in the military.

    *The value of AJX's addressable markets is forecast to expand to $3.4 billion by 2019.

    *We have built two scenarios to demonstrate potential revenue from identified opportunities, but there might be significant upside from other industries, potential expansion and other technologies.
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