are you hot???cooling goes stainless!!/article

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    Subject: Cooling goes stainless
    Orbimatic GmbH is assisting ADMS Engineering Ltd in the use of stainless steel tubing for heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The main advantage stainless steel offers is that it can be installed much faster than plain carbon steel or galvanised pipes. This is because stainless steel can have a much thinner wall thickness than carbon steel pipes, which allows tubes to be transported, manipulated and lifted into place much more easily. The use of stainless steel is further enhanced by the use of equipment such as the automatic orbital welding system supplied by Orbimatic. The welding process is controlled by a computerised welding power supply which monitors the welding parameters 500 times per seconds. The system then makes adjustments to keep the parameters accurate to two decimal places during the entire welding cycle. (Jack Feb. 22)
    Reporter: Jack

    People with money will buy the high Nickel Content stainless steel.

    The others will sweat from their brow!!



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