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Are you a BASHER ???

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    Now Now boys and girls --- sort this our and then please discuss The Stock -- Please

    Unless of course you are a B A S H E R ????????????????? -- what ever they are

    Lesson 1: Remember, BASHERS NEVER Bash A BAD STOCK. Check the boards for stocks with no potential. They never have any Bashers. Bashers only go after stocks that are moving up or have excellent potential to do so. Bashers work to bring the price down to either increase their position at the expense of others or help a Short make their bones.

    This is your investment... work for it, protect it and don't panic on the words of very shadowy figure that "has your best interest in their heart". Consider that one factor: Someone you have never met, is not a member of your family, is now, out of the goodness of their hearts - GIVING YOU FREE ADVICE (that you didn't ask for). It's a no brainer. They have motives $$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Lesson 7: Bashers play on your lack of patience. You have held a stock for a while. You knew it will be a big stock someday, but the BASHER CAN GET TO YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOUR GAIN. That's when the Basher is best. You are tired. You have forgotten the goal for the stock was to hold it for one year. The Basher is bothersome, so you dump it on a bad day. Some others also dump. Then you get mad for your loss and return to let everyone know how mad you are. Then you turn into a semi-Basher as well. THE BASHER HAS WON, AND GAINED A NEW ALLY - YOU!

    Lesson 8: BRING THE PRICE DOWN. That is the Basher's job. The truth is not important. Lies are the norm. Post continuously on the board every day. They are trying to scare the newbies that are just investigating a stock. They are trying to wear down the faithful longs on the board and gain free reign and control.

    IGNORE THEM ...learn how professional Bashers are paid:

    When you REPLY to Bashers you give them an opportunity to earn appox. 5-7 dollars.

    The service agreement they enter into with their employer states their messages will be monitored for content, profanity, lies, etc. but Overseers and the like don't have the time to check all their Bashers messages. Only occasional spot checks are done.

    Those who manage the Basher will generally read the headlines to see if a Basher is replying to other posters by name. That tells them the Basher isn't just "posting blindly" or repeating the same message over and over since they won't pay for those.

    (True to form a Basher will put the bite on anyone, even their unscrupulous employer).

    A Basher will attempt to milk three to five replies per post at one to two dollars each.

    This way the Basher spreads negative influence to as many stockholders as possible.

    A Basher will create this discussion thread because it takes less time reading more messages than is necessary.

    This ultimately allows the Basher more time to post and make money.

    In general, NEVER ENGAGE A BASHER. Make them read all the posts and think up ways to enter the discussion.


    If you feel compelled to challenge a Basher do so without mentioning his/her true alias in your response.

    This will make it hard for the Basher to use your post as a revenue stream.

    The Bashers will trash the stock by saying such things as "it's a Pump and Dump" and "the company is lying" and deceiving.

    There goal is to scare off newbies and potential new investors by "shaking" you out of your shares. Take the time to confirm your DD ,trust your own judgement and believe in yourself, pick your point of return or loss and live with it.

    Don't listen to Bashers trust your own judgement. Live by the rules you have created .

    5. Bashers do work in teams (sometimes themselves as a team). So be suspicious of someone showing up and automatically having a Shadow to converse with who supports their argument.

    Bashers love to work in packs. It provides the quintessential cover to achieve supposedly "independent" validation of an argument. It is neither independent nor validating.

    Pack Structure: Basher Packs can be comprised of any number of Bashers.

    They can be purposely formed within an organization or they can be "ad hoc" formed during a conclave on a particular board. In fact a pack mentality can be achieved by an ambitious "party of one" with a few select aliases.

    Once a pack is formed, a leader emerges.
    This leader is usually acknowledged by other Bashers because of

    1. Knowledge of the stock. or

    2. Recognition by current board Longs (high visibility). Once established the Leader will usually work the Pack members up in to a posting frenzy. Constantly changing themes and even occasionally biting the ear of another pack member (this earns instant credibility), and it doesn't offend the bitten Basher because he/she knows it is all part of the effect. Quite sophisticated.

    Packs will disband and slink away without notice. Usually this is the call of the Pack Leader who is adept at recognizing overplay. More often than not, Pack members must move on because they have other Bashing commitments to fulfill. They will return to the site of a good hunt over and over again, until hamstringing is achieved.

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