are these figures correct?

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    Tree clippings fuel Qld power plant

    Date 24/3/2004
    Author Annabel Day
    Source The Australian Financial Review -- Page: 6

    A waste-to-energy plant has been opened in Queensland. Green Pacific Energy converts tree clippings and plant waste into electricity. According to the company's chairman, Alfred Wong, the plant could produce energy at a cost of $A30 per megawatt (mw) hour. The conversion from waste into electricity is cheaper to produce than wind and solar power. The new plant is a 5mw station. It is part of an 85mw contract with Energy Australia, and is expected to power 80,000 homes. The contract is worth $A595 million. Green Pacific Energy is also working on 16 plants across Australia.

    Am I correct that each 20mw plant costs $20 million,? does anyone have the timeframe for this contract, and the possible margins.
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