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    not only you who does not understand. I guess all the shareholders do not understand.

    I would like to say this is the manipulation and reaction of those day traders at the earlier stage after the peak. The sp all the way down is due to manipulation, day traders or very short termers liquidate make their profits and run exiting MEO. These day traders move in on the same day of good ann. and move out at the end of the same day or the next day. So, sp cannot move up.

    I can tell you that even MEO ann. the name of the partner, the sp will shoot up quick, heaven for day traders make profit and run. Same phenomena as said. for a day or 2 the sp will slowly down south until drilling occcurs.

    Do not blame them, they are only very short sighted, looking for a small profit couple of cents and run. They are scared to lose their money. This is what we call stock market!
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Currently unlisted public company.

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