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are the directors the same or different...

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    I hope the dorectors are different to the previous listed company named Centralian minerals ...does anyone know?

    and i also see prior to Centralian the comapny was named Giant reef mining...and we all know what happened to that company....GTM
    went into voluntary administration b4 name change to Centralian

    1)Then Centralian CME company appoints administrators Bryan Hughes and Vincent Smith of Pitcher Partners - it will be at least six weeks before they will have anything meaningful they can tell shareholders but administration never augurs well for shareholders ...then they raise capital: the company has completed it's placement to raise $1,500,000 before capital raising costs and has allotted 150,000,000 ordinary shares
    2)shares reinstated to quotation
    3)securities suspended from quotation following failure to lodge financial statements for the period to 30 June 2007
    4) october 2007 shares reinstated to quotation
    5)name changed to Firestone Energy Limited

    what a crappy track record are they the same management?? if so i smell a rat....what do others think

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