arafat's ills are 'curable'

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    Maybe it was just a sham to get out of that sh!thole and closer to his money and wife (well maybe not the wife), now he can rally all the French muslems and turn Fance into another war zone. Just a thought.

    Arafat's ills are 'curable'
    1:48 PM October 31

    Medical tests carried out on Palestinian President Yasser Arafat have ruled out that he is suffering from any life-threatening condition, senior aides said on Sunday.

    "The latest tests have found that President Arafat does not suffer from any life-threatening illness and what he has is curable," senior aide Nabil Abu Rdainah told Reuters.

    Mr Arafat underwent a battery of medical tests on Saturday at a military hospital in France.

    He flew to the hospital outside Paris on Friday after leaving his shell-battered compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

    Mr Abu Rdainah said that doctors had carried out tests for leukaemia and found that the Palestinian President did not have the blood cancer or any other critical illness.

    Another aide said the doctors were also looking into the possibility of viral infection or poisoning.

    The final test results will be ready by Wednesday, the aide said, adding until then Mr Arafat's visitors would be limited to just a few people.

    Mohammad Rachid, another aide, said Mr Arafat was sleeping much better, eating moderately and keeping his food down.

    "Tests have found that he does not have leukaemia, the doctors are looking at other possibilities," he said.

    Meanwhile, when the PLO's executive committee met in Ramallah, Mr Arafat's chair was left empty.

    Facing each other at the head of the table were the Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei and the man who was chairing the meeting, Abu Mazen.

    Mr Mazen is widely expected to take on Mr Arafat's powers for the time being.

    "We will remain carefully in touch with President Arafat and receive his instructions in his capacity as leader and symbol of the PLO," he said.

    "We will pursue the responsible policies we have followed to ensure the rights of our people to establish their state."

    Source: Reuters

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