arafat moving to florida?

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    Miami — In a move that has significantly altered the political landscape of the Middle East, not to mention the southeastern United States, PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat announced his retirement this week and quickly moved to Miami Beach.

    Almost immediately, Arafat claimed 94 percent of the land owned by Chabad House on the campus of the University of Miami, as well as land occupied by the Moses Mendelssohn Community Retirement Center in the trendy South Beach section of the city.

    But Arafat got more than he bargained for when he attempted to occupy the retirement center land. His military incursion was met with fierce resistance by members of the South Beach Hadassah, who were meeting in the center at the time.

    Reports are still sketchy, but it appears that Arafat and his forces sustained serious casualties and had to abandon their attack when elderly Hadassah members hurled mah jongg tiles and Molly Choff co*cktails at the Palestinian terrorists, according to Mrs. Choff’s grand-niece, Matana.

    The European Parliament quickly denounced the Hadassah group’s “inflammatory use of the tiles and drinks,” and decided to consider a proposal to send peacekeeping troops to Miami Beach to establish “safe zones” for Palestinians.

    Arafat will appear before the General Assembly of the United Nations to urge the passing of Resolution 309, making all Jewish settlements in Florida illegal.

    Hannah Ashwari has been invited by 20 American universities to discuss the historic right of Palestinians to all the land now “illegally occupied by the Jews in Florida.” She says the Palestinians have been forced out by the Jews since the 1940s, and the land rightfully belongs to them.

    She blames the Jews for converting the Florida swamps into settlements, housing developments and malls that have destroyed the historic evidence for Muslim/Palestinian existence in Florida since 1000 BCE, 1,600 years before Mohammed.
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