arab press worried about syria

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    Arab press worried about Syria

    Newspapers throughout the Arab world are worried by Washington's warnings to Syria.

    Syria itself is not the only country to see the hand of Israel behind the threats, while other Arab dailies fear they could be part of a domino effect aimed at the wider Islamic world.

    There is also interesting comment from Kuwait, one of the few Arab countries to back the war against Iraq. But one daily sees the fall of Baghdad as a tragedy, and blames the Arabs for their part in it.


    American terrorism against Syria... Syria must obtain the support of all leaders so that the tragedy of Iraq does repeat itself again and American troops do not advance on it as if at a picnic, without losses.

    Al-Quds Al-Arabi - London-based


    It is very clear that after Iraq, Israel is now playing all its cards to foment tension in the region, by causing insecurity, political tension and resorting to military provocation... Israel is not only exploiting the war on Iraq, but is also trying to carry out its plans of aggression against more than just one Arab and Islamic country.

    Tishrin - Syria


    With America's campaign against Syria and allegations that it [Syria] is harbouring former Iraqi officials and possesses weapons of mass destruction, it looks as if Syria is going to be next on the list. Perhaps Iran will follow and after that, we don't know who will be next.

    Al-Watan - Saudi Arabia


    Israel is now increasing tension between Syria and the USA, in the hope that another Arab state will be targeted by US aircraft.

    Al-Jazirah - Saudi Arabia


    The USA is bent on a collision course with Damascus. This means the region is facing another disaster, even before the shock of Iraq has past into history ... Syria should not be left alone to face the crisis being woven around its neck. There must be an urgent and extensive Arab initiative to study the Iraq experience, not only to protect Syria, but to stop the American plan that is now moving like a knife through butter.

    Al-Ahram - Egypt


    As Iraq faces the unknown, and is occupied, the Americans have begun levelling accusations against Syria... The game is far greater than simpletons think and more dangerous than the intelligent expect. This is a multi-faceted conspiracy whose phases are becoming unveiled day by day.

    Al-Vefagh - Iranian, Arabic-language


    Who thinks the war is over is deluded... The American presence in Iraq today constitutes a dangerous threat to all Arab and Muslim regions... and the occupation of Iraq is an occupation of the Arab nation from the Gulf to the Mediterranean.

    Al-Watan - Qatar


    The USA has excelled in being the undisputed dictator of 'the new world'... and governing the world and its people in line with its political and economic interests.

    Al-Ra'y Al-Am - Sudan.


    What is clear is that the USA and Britain are not ready to hand over Iraq to the UN under any circumstances... The best course for the [EU] Athens summit [on Wednesday] is to stress the positive role which the EU could play in rebuilding Iraq's economy and helping it to form a government in the shortest possible time.

    Al-Sharq al-Awsat - London-based


    We hope the meeting in Nasiriyah - the first of its kind in Iraq - will be a good beginning for this great Arab country and a real beginning of the process to rebuild it ... The meeting of the Iraqi opposition is today faced with the arduous mission of presenting the real civilized face of the Iraqi people distorted by decades of oppression and injustice.

    Al-Ittihad - United Arab Emirates


    It is the first time in the 21st century that an Arab capital has fallen. Despite the fact that the past century witnessed the fall of Jerusalem in '48, Beirut in '82, and Kabul in 2001, what happened to Baghdad is the worst. This is in fact the very first time in Arab and Muslim history that an Arab capital has fallen with the scheming and co-operation of several Arab parties.

    Al-Watan - Kuwait

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