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    As in life
    As in Time
    As in the markets
    To be able to pre empt
    To be able to see the seventh wave
    To be able to see on the first
    To be able to buy on the second
    To be able to sell on the sixth
    To be able to rest on the 7th
    Is the key to wisdom and prosperity
    Its now the 1st est,
    It has taken NoBoDe a very long time to get this,
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tilde
    So here goes:
    May your aprilprilap April Σ be an Indian summer
    May your things go well
    May you stock up on good wood,
    May you have few bad moods
    May your cats purr
    May your dogs not fart
    May you tinkering
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,make the very best art,
    May you wormicles make compost for you,
    May come spring time flowers sing to you,
    May NBD;s chezz not explode,
    or turn into a rabid toad,
    May the Hoss foots not slip
    if having to ride the wind
    through the sleet,
    may the winds and the hail
    not tear the roooof off ya head
    may you snore well
    in your snug lil bed
    Cuff the off
    or :?ÐĕŅöƁƍ
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