April 9th warmest April on record

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    A unit within US meteorological agency NOAA issued in recent days a global climate report for April 2021. key excerpts of the report are reproduced below.

    the report helps set in context a long term trend rise in temperature on Earth. And so moderates the impact of the noise and the confusion evident among climate change deniers arising from day to day variations in temperatures..


    Monthly Temperature: April 2021

    ”The April 2021 global surface temperature was 0.79°C (1.42°F) above the 20th century average of 13.7°C (56.7°F). This was the smallest value for April since 2013 and was the ninth warmest April in the 142-year record. April 2021 marked the 45th consecutive April and the 436th consecutive month with temperatures, at least nominally, above the 20th-century average. December 1984 was the last time a monthly temperature was below average.”

    ”The global land surface temperature departure of +1.25°C (+2.25°F) was the smallest temperature departure for April since 2015 and was the 12th highest on record. Similarly, the global ocean surface temperature departure (+0.62°C / +1.12°F) was the smallest for April since 2014 and the eighth highest on record for April.

    “The January–April global surface temperature was 0.77°C (1.39°F) above the 20th century average—the smallest January–April temperature departure since 2014 and the eighth highest in the 142-year record. According to a statistical analysis done by NCEI scientists, the year 2021 is very likely to rank among the ten warmest years on record and has less than 4% chance to rank among the five warmest years on record.”


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