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approval for development of svartlliden gold proje

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    At 8pm Australian Western Standard Time as scheduled, Dragon Mining NL received
    regulatory approval for the development and operation of its Svartliden Gold Project in
    northern Sweden. In Sweden, regulatory approval under the Environment Code is sought
    from the Environmental Division of the District Court (Miljödomstolen). Following a
    lengthy period of consultations involving a wide range of regulatory authorities the process
    culminated with a hearing before the Court on June 3-5 this year, with the Court reserving
    its decision until August 28th.
    The decision clears the way for development of the Svartliden Project once the ruling
    becomes law after 21 days, providing there have been no appeals against the decision in this
    period. The company hopes to make a formal decision to commence project construction in
    October, with first gold production in June next year.
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