Appropriate immigration

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    It used to be Stop the Boats and they did.
    But do we need a new policy on the basis of Stop the Planes?
    Apparently people are travelling here by plane with a tourist visa and then claiming asylum status with all that entails. Maybe I've been misinformed, if so correct me.
    It seems to me immigration should only occur for the benefit of this country and not for any other reason. Therefore the only people who should be allowed to settle here are those with skills that are needed here.
    There would be no end to the inflow if other reasons are brought into play. And we can see already the pressure on the cities from too much immigration.
    We don't want Merkel's Germany or Macron's France to develop here.
    I suppose the airline companies wouldn't be too happy if fake tourists were turned away but that's their problem.
    Our problem is to see that immigration satisfies our needs and no more.

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