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    I think there are a few of us that are getting a little ahead of ourselves. There is great potential for uns but to compare us to apple is a little bit of a stretch. We are a relatively small medical device company that can adapt quickly to our customers needs. We have the enviable position of possibly protecting patents that could save the big pharmas loads however it is still very early days. A short squeeze would have been nice, a little easier to take than a CR but that's life. Personally the CR was not the cause of frustration but comments made to the affect that it would not be required. I base my investment decisions on the words of chairmen maybe that's not the best way to do things. We have held up very well but do not expect returns of the like of apple. In 5 years time we may be getting some nice dividends but I believe it will take us 5 years to make us all smile and hope for 5 dollars Cdi by then. Still a very nice return but I don't want people buying in thinking this will triple in a year because in my opinion that's just not going to happen. good luck to all and I hope you are realistic and patient. Happy to be proven wrong though.
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